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Re: CLtL2 now available for ftp

 >I also suggested to straz that a conversion of CLtL2 to Apple Docviewer
 >format would make a convenient companion to the MCL documentation, which
 >already comes in that form.  He claims that the tools are available, though
 >balky, and Apple doesn't have resources to do it.  I think volunteers would
 >be welcome and could get help with the tools.
 >--Pete Szolovits

Volunteers are welcome, and if there are serious ones I'll try to supply
you with the necessary tools. The process of authoring DocViewer documents

 1) printing the document from a Mac (creating PICTS of each page) and
 2) porting the document to either RTF (Rich Text Format) or MIF (FrameMaker)
    format. RTF is supported by most Mac-based word processors, including
    Word, Word Perfect, MacWrite, etc.

I hope nobody assumes it's a piece of cake to massage TeX into these formats,
especially for a 1000+ page document. But hey, like I said, the goal is a nice
one and I'll do what I can to support volunteers.