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Re: CLtL2 now available for ftp

jmeehan@mv.us.adobe.com (Jim Meehan) in article 
	<9408260508.AA17208@mendoza.mv.us.adobe.com> writes :

>Guy Steele sent me the following patch for the "chiron" problem:
>    \newif\ifchiron \chironfalse
>That indeed stopped the "chiron" complaint, but led to the next series:
>No file frontmatter.aux.
>No file intro.aux.
>... etc. ...

This complaint is due to an \includeonly{series} in clm.tex which needs to
be commented out with a preceding percent sign.

Change : \includeonly{series} to %\includeonly{...}

>! Undefined control sequence.
>\startmargin ->\PostScriptFile 
>                               {BlackBars.ps}

This error relates to a missing macro to include postscript-code. The
normal way to do this is thru something like psfig. Unfortunately this
won't work here as there is no bounding box defined for the figure.

The easy solution for the BlackBars.ps and WhiteBars.ps errors is to
redefine a macro in marginal.tex file.

Change this :


to this :


There are also a few postscript files that are missing. They will create
the same sort of error. These are :


I have found no solution/substitute for the following ps files:

Whenever latex complains about these, you can either press return until you
pass them, or do the following :

--- In number.tex-
Change this :
\def\numplot#1{\vskip -2pt \vskip 28pc \PostScriptFile{#1-plot.ps}\vskip 3pt}

to this:
\def\numplot#1{\vskip -2pt \vskip 28pc \vskip 3pt}

--- In series.tex-
Change this : 

to this:

For the remaining three (ArrowRight.ps,ArrowDown.ps, ArrowRightSmall.ps)
there is an easy but probably inadequate solution. Doing these
substitutions within the CLTL.sty will "fix" it.

Change from this:

\def\Xarrowright{\ifdim 1em<5pt\relax
\def\Xarrowdown{\ifdim 1em<5pt\relax

to this:

\def\Xarrowright{\begin{math} \Rightarrow \end{math}}
\def\Xarrowdown{\begin{math} \Downarrow \end{math}}

There are also two other problems, one is a reference to fonts within
cmtt10 & 12 which doesn't seem to exist (the final document lacks quite a
few hyphens etc.). This may very well be a local problem with the way latex
is set up. The other problem is an undefined control sequence which you can
get past by pressing return once.

! Undefined control sequence.
<recently read> \cleartabs 

I have no idea what it does as my TeX/LaTex knowledge is rather thin,
mostly on the survival level. I figured the above things out through some
fiddling back and forth.

If you try to generate the document, remember to run latex at least three
times to get the references correct.

>If you know TeX/LaTeX (I don't) and would like to help get the CLtL2 
>sources back in shape, send me email.  I think it would be great 
>to have it online in a variety of formats.  I can do the PostScript 
>and Acrobat/PDF work here; HTML and other wizards are also invited 
>to participate. 
>Jim Meehan
>Imaging Systems Group
>Adobe Systems Inc.

I am still working on getting a better result (mostly with the missing
hyphens). If you have any hints please email me.

Geir Ertzaas