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Re: MCL on the PowerMac's

At 10:17 PM 8/22/94 +0000, Sunil Mishra wrote:
 >I am planning to purchase a power mac in the near future, and would like a
 >version of lisp that runs on the machine adequately. I probably will not
 >need most of the graphics libraries, just the basic lisp interpreter. (CL2
 >of course...) Will I run into any major problems? I did not see anything
 >about this in the FAQ.
 >If MCL is not suitable, could someone recommend an alternative lisp that I
 >could obtain for a reasonable price? Or better still shareware?
 >Sunil Mishra

There is a shareware Common Lisp for the Mac called "PowerLisp".
Please note: the "Power" in its name is a coincidence; I'm not 
aware of any special support for PowerPC's. It's in cambridge.apple.com:
pub/mcl/contrib/powerlisp-1.1.hqx, or read powerlisp-about.txt.

MCL 2.0.1 should run just fine on PowerPC's under emulation mode. 
You need to turn off the "New Memory Manager". If you want to 
run with virtual memory, you'll need to get the MMU5 patch
from /pub/mcl/patches/.