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Re: What is the best way to access the gestalt manager in MCL?

>At  3:14 AM 8/24/94 -0500, Rob Browning wrote:
> >I just want to be able to ask the machine that MCL is running on two
> >
> >1) Which CPU do you have?
> >2) Do you have an FPU?
> >
> >Is there an easy way to do this?  Am I best off to learn the gestalt traps
> >and call them directly, or is there a higher level interface?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >--Rob.
>There's several ways to get this.
>*environs* carries a lot of this junk which gets detected when you launch MCL.
>(machine-version) pretty-prints some of it into a string.
>(gestalt :|mach|) tells you the machine - look at *known-gestalt-machine-types*
>(gestalt :|proc|) tells you the processor - look at
>(gestalt :|fpu |) tells you which fpu is available - *known-gestalt-fpu-types*
>? *environs*
>(:machine-type "Macintosh Quadra 950" :system-version "7.1" :appleevents t
>:processor 68040 :fpu 68040 ...)
>? (machine-version)
>"Macintosh Quadra 950 with 68040, 68040, Apple extended keyboard"

Another interesting Gestalt selector:
(gestalt :|cput|) if defined (it's not on sufficiently early Systems) tells
you the truth about the processor (|mach| tells you a Power Mac has a
68020.  But be careful, because Apple managed to put wrong values into a
header file release for the 680x0 return values (off by one).  I believe
the following to be correct:

     gestaltNativeCPUtype = 'cput'; {Native CPU type}

     {Motorola Architecture}
     gestaltCPU68000 = $0x001;
     gestaltCPU68010 = $0x002;
     gestaltCPU68020 = $0x003;
     gestaltCPU68030 = $0x004;
     gestaltCPU68040 = $0x005;
     {PowerPC Architecture}
     gestaltCPU601   = $0x101;
     gestaltCPU603   = $0x103;
     gestaltCPU604   = $0x104;

[From Rene Ros' excellent Gestalt selectors list]

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