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Re: make-application

In article <33tl4sINN77g@srvr1.engin.umich.edu>, Al 
<nbfd@engin.umich.edu> wrote:

> I would like to make my stadalone mcl application using save-application
> function. However, I would like to control the size of listener and
> change its title from listener to the application name (my app, for an
> example).  I would appreciate any help. 
> Thanks

You can control the position and size of the listener window by setting
the global variables *listener-window-position* and *listener-window-size*
(see pp. 5-6 of the MCL Reference).

To control the listener window title you can specialize the default
listener class:

   (defclass my-listener (listener) ()
      (:default-initargs :window-title "My Application"))

   (setf *default-listener-class* 'my-listener)

(Note that you can't easily set the listener size and position through
default initargs. The variables *listener-window-position* and
*listener-window-size* control the listener window position and size
through an :after method on initialize-instance for simple-views, so
default-initargs are overridden. You have to set the globals.)

Set up the desired listener behavior in your application's environment and
then do the save-application.

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