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Re: clim 2.0 for mcl

In article <IRVINE.94Sep7085219@hopi.lks.csi.com> irvine@lks.csi.com (Chuck Irvine) writes:

   At one point, Lucid was working on CLIM 2.0 for MCL. With Lucid's
   recent troubles, is there any hope that CLIM 2.0 will ever be
   available for MCL?

With the demise of Lucid, our MCL CLIM distributor, the future of CLIM
2.0 for MCL has become somewhat more uncertain.  Given such other
factors as having not receiving our royalty payments for MCL CLIM 1.1
sales over the past couple of quarters, and the pall cast over MCL's
future by the lack of a PowerPC port, I am not sanguine...

Bill York
Illudium Software