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Re: Universal time goes mad under MCL 2.0 and System 7.1?

In article <9668AA9B5550.B12A@aegypt.demon.co.uk>,
angus@aegypt.demon.co.uk (Angus McIntyre) wrote:

|Functions dealing with universal time - including 'get-universal-time',
|'encode-universal-time', 'file-write-date' and 'file-create-date' appear to
|have gone crazy since I installed System 7.1. I don't remember this happening
|under System 7.0.1, but now something appears to be deeply wrong. For instance,
|if I call 'file-write-date' twice on the same file (without modifying it in
|between) I get two different answers!
|Inspecting the exploded time returned by 'decode-universal-time' suggests that
|everything is OK except for the time-zone, which is a constantly-changing
|ratio. The obvious work-around - decoding the time and then re-encoding it
|doesn't work because 'encode-universal-time' apparently uses the time-zone
|figure in some way (and simply passing in a time-zone argument doesn't help)
|so the results can be practically random.
|This is happening on a IIci running System 7.1 and MCL 2.0, all extensions off.
|Is there a fix for this? Is it even a recognised problem, or am I in a unique
|and privileged position of having gremlins only in my computer?

You may want to try opening up the Map control panel and setting your
location there.  The computer may be confused as to its location.  [I'm
only half-serious, but it's worth a shot.]

-- "TANSTAAFL"  Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu