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Alias Manager

I'm trying to get something working with the Alias Manager (something
*very* simple) but I can't seem to get a valid Alias record out of either
NewAlias or NewAliasMinimal (at least as far as ResolveAlias is concerned).
 WARNING, I AM new to using traps so I'm probably just doing something

Could someone post (or send me) any code that *successfully* uses the Alias
Manager (or has anyone done it?)

Here's the quick & dirty test I've been trying, what's wrong!:

(rlet ((fs :fsspec)
       (hAlias :aliasrecord)
       (changedp :byte))
  (with-pstrs ((pfile "tetra:MCL 2.0:mike-init.lisp"))
    (#_FSMakeFSSpec 0 0 pfile fs)
    (print (%path-from-fsspec fs))
    (#_NewAliasMinimal fs hAlias)
    (print (#_ResolveAlias (%null-ptr) hAlias fs changedp))
    (print (%get-byte changedp))
    (print (%path-from-fsspec fs))))

Resolve Alias returns -50 indicating that the a parameter is bad (or the
Alias record is screwed up) -- but I just made it with NewAliasMinimal and
fsspec seems to be valid! (All of the %path-from-fsspec seem to work!).

Thanks for *any* help!
Mike Murtaugh