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Re: does your MCL or Mac crash when you try to restart a frame?

At  6:43 PM 9/19/94 -0400, Philip Greenspun wrote:
>I find that if I try to RESTART a frame after fixing and recompiling
>the function in question, that I am paid back for my labors by either
>a crashed MCL or a crashed Macintosh (this happens about 50% of the
>Anyone else have a similar experience?  I used to do this on Lisp
>Machines all the time; it was my standard debugging style.  Are there
>certain kinds of frames that are OK to restart and certain kinds that
>aren't?  Was there a bug fix in 2.0.1 for this (I have 2.0p2 running
>on a Quadra 800 and got this bug with both System 7.1.1 and System

Have you ever wondered why it takes two mouse clicks to restart?
Have you ever looked at the frame put up after the first (Restart frame)
and wondered why all the args were NIL?

The answer is that it isn't always possible for the MCL debugger to find
the arguments that the frame was originally called with, so it just puts
in NIL in that case.  It is up to you to find them (if possible, sometimes
[though very rarely] it is not), and put them into the restart frame (using
the Edit button).

In my experience, most failed restart attempts are due to not noticing this
and filling in proper args.

If this isn't your problem, please send a reproducible test case that I can
look into...

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