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Re: impenetrable images?

At  3:09 PM 9/21/94 +0000, Steve Casner wrote:
>                       Subject:                               Time:2:41 PM
>  OFFICE MEMO          impenetrable images?                   Date:9/21/1994
>There have been a few recent postings that have asked how one goes about
>getting rid of the Listener in application versions.  This is a serious
>question for MCL developers who will distribute applications that contain
>source code and data that they need to protect.  Generally, if I can somehow
>get the Listener to appear, I can start snooping around.  Guessing the names
>of functions or data objects usually isn't all that difficult.  Functions
>might be reversed-engineered through testing, the contents of data objects
>read directly.
>If MCL is to be regarded as a serious development language, there needs to be
>a standard way of making sure that Listeners cannot be dug up, re-incarnated,
>or created anew.  What's the solution?

Look at the BinHex example in the file "ccl:examples;binhex;binhex.lisp".