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Re: Using the Thread Manager with MCL

 >Hi everybody,
 >        Has anyone tried to use the Thread Manager 1.2 system extension 
 >with MCL? If so, how did you do it?

The latest version of Thread Manager is 2.0.1, and it works great for me
with MCL 2.0.1 and system 7.1.

Thread Manager is included with System 7.5. If you have an earlier
release of System 7, you can use Thread Manager and get it by
anonymous ftp from the following sites:

machine:   ftp.apple.com
directory: /dts/mac/sys.soft/extensions/
filename:  thread-manager-2-0-1.hqx

machine:   ftp.support.apple.com
directory: /pub/Apple SW Updates/Macintosh/Supplemental System Software
filename:  Thread Manager (2.0.1).hqx

If your ftp client has problems with pathnames with spaces in them,
try using quotes around the filenames.