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Re: debug

In article <skramm-280994160231@hfmac398.uio.no> skramm@ilf.uio.no (Yngve Skramm) writes:
>Beginner question about MCL 2.0: We can't seem to get trace to work
>properly. It shows values entering and exiting a function, that is correct.
>However a recursive function is called several times, and should produce an
>output from trace every time it is called. This doesn't happen :-( We copy
>the manual exactly, but get a different printout. Has anybody got a
>solution to this problem?
>Yngve Skramm 

If the function is tail-recursive, it is normally compiled as such and
there are no recursive calls to trace!  Maybe that's your problem.
Tail recursion compiling can be turned off.  The other trick is to
put in a useless statement that renders it non-tail-recursive to
force it to compile that way. 

  Bob Futrelle

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