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How to learn MCL?


I am trying to learn MCL and the manual is giving me a rather hard time. 
Has anyone written a kinder, gentler introduction to the package?

I don't need an introduction to Lisp, but was thinking of something akin 
to Tom Swan's book on TurboPascal for Windows (ie. everything about the
compiler, written in a journalistic manner, except language-specific

Another question: I managed to create a stand-alone application by using
the 'save-application' function. However, even when I excised the 
compiler, my very, very small "hello world" program still amounted to 
1.5MB. I also looked on and created the 'binhex' example. This became an
1.5MB file as well.

Does this mean that the minimum-size of any application written in MCL 
is 1.5MB?

 ~ RM 1.3 02368 ~      Kristoffer Kvello  -  holger@hedda.uio.no