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Re: Mosaic/WWW/URL Link for Apple Cambridge?

At 12:24 10/3/94 -0700, Jeffrey C. Schlimmer wrote:
>    Dear Apple Cambridge, thanks a million for Macintosh Common Lisp, the
>reason we purchased Mac hardware instead of unix workstations.
>    I'm converting a paper I recently wrote to HTML format for WWW
>browsing.  It acknowledges MCL, and I'd like to include a link to your home
>page, if you have one.
>    Do you have a URL that would be appropriate?  (E.g., something like
>    --Jeff Schlimmer
>Jeffrey C. Schlimmer, Asst. Prof., School of EE & CS, Washington State
>University, Pullman, WA 99164-2752, (509) 335-2399, (509) 335-3818 FAX

HTTP://www.cambridge.apple.com/ is our home page which has information both
on MCL and Dylan, HTTP://www.cambridge.apple.com/#MCL points to the info on
MCL.  I don't know which URL would be more suitable for your purposes.