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[lieber@media.mit.edu: Quicktime from MCL]

I'm still having some trouble with Qucktime 2.0. I would like to copy a pict
and paste it into a window. I now do

(get-movie-pict-in-frames movie (get-movie-time-in-frames movie))

which yields a Pict object, which I then paste into a window. 
This usually works, but sometimes the image is replaced by the text 
 "Quicktime (tm) and a Video decompressor are needed to see this picture".

This has only happened to me since Quicktime 2.0 and System 7.5.  I
have Quicktime in my Extensions folder, and I've installed all the
Toolbox interface files on cambridge.apple.com for Quicktime 1.5 and

Anybody know why this is happening?