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Re: controlling a modem

 >- Does anybody know of some available MCL code that does anything interesting
 >  with a modem?

I wrote a chunk of MCL code to support the comm toolbox.
Check out comm-toolbox.hqx and ctb-streams.sea.hqx on our
ftp site (cambridge.apple.com:/pub/mcl/contrib/) and 
on the MCL 2.0.1 cdrom.

The Comm Toolbox is a modular way to get various connections
(over modem, ethernet, etc), terminals (vt100..) and 
file transfer protocols (xmodem...) supported with minimal work.
I think you'll be better off using this than trying to
frob the serial ports directly.

 >- I have a Mac with an attached Telebit (9600 baud) modem.  Manually, I use
 >  it via Versaterm PRO, usually in VT220 emulation mode.  Is it conceivable
 >  I could do something by sending Versaterm apple events or something?

This is reasonable too. You'll need to ask Versaterm how scriptable
it is.