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Pane Splitters again .. still need answer. Please!

Hello all,

I need some assistance with the pane splitters for the scrolling view
class.  I tried to modify the interface builder tool to allow me to dump
the code for the inspector panel, but couldn't get it to work.  I need an
example of a window with one scrolling pane in it that has the pane
splitters turned on and operational, such that when I drag the splitter,
it looks like I have two panes, and I can see what was in the first pane
in the (new) second pane.  (Some graphic would be drawn in the panes).  

If anyone has a simple example program I could get the source to, I'd
really appreciate it.....

By the way, what ever happened to the rumor that MCL was going to get
ported to the PPC?

Thanks again,

Sam Griffith Jr.