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Re: Is there any way to make a foreign function call to non MPW code?

At 6:29 PM 10/10/94, Rob Browning wrote:
>Is there any way to use either CodeWarrior or Symantec C's code output 
>with MCL's foreign function call interface?

ff-load understands standard MPW object files. If they can output
those, it can load them. Last I looked, Think C did not know how to do
so. I don't know about CodeWarrior. There is some code that Guillaume Cartier
wrote for calling functions packaged up in code resources. Think C
can create such code resources. CodeWarrior probably can, too, though
I haven't used it. You can find Guillaume's code on the MCL CD and on
our anonymous FTP server. Look for "Think" on the CD with the
Finder's "Find" command or in the "/pub/mcl2/contrib/" directory
of the anonymous FTP server at cambridge.apple.com.