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Re: MCL in emulation mode on a PowerMac (?)

In article <37glkq$4c4@scruffy.cs.umd.edu>, kettler@cs.umd.edu (Brian
Kettler) wrote:

> We are currently running MCL on a Quadra 800 for the purposes of doing
> A.I. research programming.  We are looking at acquiring an additional
> Mac, either another Quadra (630 or 950) or a PowerMac.  The concern 
> about getting a PowerMac, in addition to the question of MCL's ever
We have a quadra 650 with a powerpc pds card, I assume this is equivalent
to a 7100. Core Lisp was faster than a ci and slower than a centric 610,
could be around a fx. A q 630 is way faster for MCL, I would recommend

 Karsten A. Poeck