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Important - info-mcl system news


I wanted to make you aware of a few system changes that I'm undertaking
that may affect the info-mcl mailing lists and ftp server.

1. In a few minutes I'm going to change the digest software that creates the
info-mcl digest every evening. Hopefully this will take care of some of the
problems that the previous software had parsing unusual addresses and

2. Saturday October 15th the ftp archives (ftp.cambridge.apple.com,
cambridge.apple.com) will be moved to another machine. The end result will
be transparent to you. You'll still be able to ftp using the same
addresses. Just be aware that the server will be down for most of the day
this Saturday.

Please feel free to contact me if you notice any problems with either of
these changes.


Chris North
System Administrator, Apple DPG
Cambridge, MA
cnorth@cambridge.apple.com              Voice: 617-374-5383