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Re: Splitters...

In article <387gfh$8eg@newsbf01.news.aol.com>, staypufed@aol.com
(Staypufed) wrote:

> Anyone,
> Please send me some sample code on how to setup and use the splitters on
> the scrollbar dialog items.  
> A few months back someone suggested using the interface builder to dump
> the code for the backtrace, but I tried to do that and it wouldn't let me.
>  So please help me!!!!
> Thanks,
> Sam Griffith Jr.
> staypufed@aol.com

I don't know if I am allowed to send you the backtrace sources, but this
should give you a start.

(defclass test-dialog (dialog)
   (s1 :accessor td-s1)
   (s2 :Accessor td-s2)

(defclass test-scroller (scroll-bar-dialog-item)

(defmethod split-pane ((ich test-scroller) scroll-bar pos direction
  ;(print `(,ich  ,scroll-bar ,pos ,direction ,direction ,inside-limits))
  (when inside-limits
    (set-scroll-bar-length ich (- (scroll-bar-length  ich) pos))
    (set-view-position ich
                       (add-points (view-position ich)
                                   (make-point 0 pos)))
    (set-scroll-bar-length scroll-bar (+ (scroll-bar-length  scroll-bar) pos)))

(defmethod initialize-instance ((ich test-dialog)
                                &rest init-list)
  (apply #'call-next-method ich
         :view-size (make-point 100 250)
  (setf (td-s2 ich)
        (make-instance 'test-scroller
          :view-position (make-point 0 100)
          :length 100
          :direction :vertical
  (setf (td-s1 ich)
        (make-instance 'test-scroller
          :view-position (make-point 0 0)
          :length 100
          :direction :vertical
          :scrollee (td-s2 ich)
          :pane-splitter :bottom))
  (add-subviews ich (td-s1 ich) (td-s2 ich))

(make-instance 'test-dialog)

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