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Re: OPS5 for MCL

> Somewhere out there there's a Common Lisp version of OPS5 that's newer
> than the one that came on the MCL2.0 CD-ROM--or so I've heard.  Can 
> anyone verify this for me and, if so, tell me where I can get it?
>    byrne@cc.gatech.edu

The one at the CMU AI Repository is "different" (& runs on MCL); it
may be newer, but I can't remember whether it was right off hand.

One of the differences is that the version currently at CMU has more
examples in its demo directory than the one on the CD ROM has.  FWIW,
I am using the CMU version.  You can obtain it as follows:

  "OPS5 is a public domain Common Lisp implementation of the OPS5
   production system interpreter written by Charles Forgy. It is
   available from the CMU AI Repository in
   and includes the original port by George Wood and Jim Kowalski
   (ops5orig.tar.gz), and a later port by Mark Kantrowitz
   (ops5.tar.gz).  The latter has been tested under Allegro, Lucid,
   CMU CL, Ibuki CL and MCL."

     --- Mark Kantrowitz and Barry Margolin, "Answers to Frequently
         Asked Questions about Lisp", comp.lang.lisp, May, 1994,

Al Reich
Lockheed - Austin Division