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I have a whole bunch of BitMap routines I'm willing to make available
to the MCL bunch.  They're compatible with bitmaps made by the
make-bitmap function, and they include flips, rotates, laso, paintbucket,
and some other functions.
the down side: they're written in mpw c.  I'd like to supply them
in a .fasl file so folks using them don't have to bother with the
ff interface.  is this possible?  having being stuck in the c world (ug!)
for some time now, I'm not totally adept at what would be involved
in doing this.  so if you can help, please send verbose directions
so I can start right away.
Some time ago, I posted directions on how to draw to offscreen bitmaps. At
the time, what I posted wasn't too practical.  Since then, I've boiled
it down to a macro:
;; with-bitmap sets the drawing environment to draw into
;; the bitmap bm and executes the statements in the body
;; of the macro.  with-bitmap uses with-port to set the port
;; hence, the statements in body are executed with *without-interrupts*
;; and if you do any drawing, you should use the traps directly.
(defmacro with-bitmap ((bm) &body body)
  `(rlet ((myport :GrafPort)
          (current-port :GrafPtr))
       (progn                           ; protected part
         (#_GetPort current-port)
         (with-port (%get-ptr current-port) (#_OpenPort myport))
         (with-port myport
           (#_SetPortBits ,bm)            ; set the port's bitmap
           (#_PortSize (rref ,bm bitmap.bounds.right) (rref ,bm bitmap.bounds.bo
ttom))        ; and set the new size
           (progn ,@body)))
       (#_ClosePort myport))))
to use it, first make a bitmap:
(mybits (make-bitmap 0 0 100 100))      ;; 100 * 100 square offscreen bitmap
then, to draw to the bitmap:
(with-bitmap (mybits)
        (#_EraseRect (pref mybits bitmap.bounds))
        (with-pstrs ((s "MCL2"))
                (#_MoveTo 20 60)
                (#_DrawString s)))
then, to put the image in a window:
(copy-bits mybits
                 (pref (wptr <insert some window here>) windowrecord.portbits)
                 (pref mybits bitmap.bounds)
                 (pref mybits bitmap.bounds)    ;; destination rectangle
any help with the .fasl thing would be gratefully appreciated!
thanx in advance
-john montbriand