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hardcopy of color windows??

Thanks to all of you who told me how to make full color
windows using :color-p t.  Works great!!  Now I'm
wondering how I might print those pretty full-color
graphics on my printer.  I have an HP DeskWriter 560c.

Here's what I've tried:

1. Hardcopy.lisp from the CD-ROM [in User contributed code:Printing

   This worked fine on black and white windows, but
  everything came out pink when I tried it on color windows.
  Is there some way to modify this to work on color windows??
  Perhaps by changing :GrafPort references to :CGrafPort
  references?? What else would need changing? Or is that
  approach (making QuickDraw draw to a printer port) unworkable
  for color windows?

2. Print-u.lisp from CD-ROM [in User contributed code:Printing (hardcopy)]

   I confess to finding this utility daunting and confusing.
  Does it only work on postscript printers?  I tried
  to get the example "printing the contents of a small window"
  to work, but things froze up after I clicked the print button
  in the Print Dialog Box.  Can the print-u.lisp hardcopy utilities
  work with the HP Deskwriter 560c ??

What other approaches should I consider? Any and all suggestions
would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,