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I have an LISP-application with additional menus and i want to change the
sequence of the menus, e.g. i want to have a special "edit*" menu after the
standard-edit menu.
Is there a possibility despite deinstalling and "reinstalling" half of the
*default-menubar*, probably something like
(menu-install w &optional where)...?
I have the same problem with the menu-items in a menu:
(add-menu-items ... only adds them at the bottom, is there a way to add new
menu-items at any place in the menu?

Thanks a lot

Marcus Specht               | o  o |
Universität Trier           |   )  |
Fachbereich I, Psychologie  | (--> |
tel.:   0651-201-2975
email:  specht@cogpsy.uni-trier.de