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Re: CLIM on Mac (Harlequin)

> Subject:   RE>>CLIM [on the Mac]
> I believe it was Franz.  You can reach them at 1.510.548.3600

Nope. Harlequin is correct. The Franz deal fell through. Here's
Harlequin's address. Eric Husgen is a person I have dealt with there.

Eric P. Husgen                  Direct: 617-374-2543
Harlequin Inc.                  Main:   800-967-5749 x2543
One Cambridge Center            Fax:    617-252-6505
Cambridge, MA 02142             Email:  husgen@harlequin.com

Shannon Spires
Internet: svspire@sandia.gov
Voice: 505-844-4287
Fax: 505-844-3296