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Re: MCL 2.0.1 wierdness

At 9:53 PM 11/9/94, abegel@media.mit.edu wrote:
>I'm seeing a strange behavior in MCL. 
>when I do 
>(loop for obj in list-of-objects
>	do (with-focused-view view
>	      (set-clip-region some-other-region)
>	      (draw obj)))
>I get strange clipping problems. The clipping regions are just wrong.
>Yet, if inside the with-focused-view, I put in a thing to save the 
>current clip-region and then restore after the (draw obj) while still in the
>loop, it works. 
>Isn't (with-focused-view supposed to reset the view's clipping region? Even
>if I set it differently inside?


>What's up with this?

The only thing I can think of is that your code is being called
when view is already focused, in which case the with-focused-view
in the loop is a nop, and any drawing that happens after the loop
exits will still see the last value of some-other-region
as the clip region. Try changing it to:

(with-focused-view nil
  (loop for obj in list-of-objects
        	do (with-focused-view view
	           (set-clip-region some-other-region)
	           (draw obj))))

If that doesn't work, and you can distill your code into a
small, self contained, example that illustrates the problem,
I'll look at it.