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Re: MCL Images on different Macs

Some experiences...

We had major problems with images that were _compiled_ on multiple
machines. (eg. make an image on an FX, then build another image
on top of that on a Quadra 950)
But some of these problems may have been conflated with
problems due to using MCL 2.0p2 instead of MCL 2.0.1  

It was expensive to test this thoroughly enough to find out what the
minimum solution was.  At best I have a working solution.

1. Build the image based on MCL 2.0.1 
2. if you want to do save-application more than once, 
try to do it on the same machine. We have an unconfirmed theory
that building images with multiple memory footprints could cause
some instability.

This seems to produce an image which is fairly stable on any

Perhaps this second part is not necessary, does anyone have evidence
that shows it is not necessary?  I would love to hear about it if you


Jeff Lind (lind@ils.nwu.edu) wrote:
:    I've heard some scattered complaints here that MCL images compiled on
: one Mac model are crashing when run on other models (660AVs in
: particular).

:    Is there any real evidence for this out there?

:    Is there any rational basis to think that this could happen?

:    We're about to compile the final version of an app and I'm wondering if
: there's a particular machine I ought to compile it on.

: --Jeff