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Problems with WOOD

I am using WOOD 0.8 as a persistent heap database for a rather large
dictionary (> 50000 entries); the dictionary is stored as a b-tree. Here, I
am encountering some problems: after having stored about 47000 entries (in
alphabetic order), I get the following error message:

> Error: Attempt to index off end of one of the arrays
> while executing: wood::%copy-byte-array-position

This happens also with a freshly created persistent heap, so the error
can't be due to prior heap corruption. After recovering from the error,
some entries are no longer accessible by btree-lookup (but I can access
them with p-map-btree).
Sometimes the b-tree behaves like this even without a prior error message.
The whole thing looks rather strange to me, since this bug only occurs when
the btree gets rather large (deep?).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Universitetet i Bergen
Matematisk institutt
Allegt. 55
N-5007 Bergen, Norway