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Re: double-click in the scroll bar of a sequence-dialog-item

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At 1:54 PM 12/14/94, Markus Specht wrote:
>I+ve got the following problem,
>i have an sequence-dialog-item with a special double-click-action, specified in
>the view-click-event-handler.
>The problem is, that this double-click-action is also triggered, when i scroll i
>n the scrollbar and click very fast.
>It seems to me that the scroll bar in the sequence-dialog-item is not handled as
> a special subview, cause if i change the cursor view for the sequence-dialog-it
>em, it doesn+t change back, if i get over the scrollbar.
>Has anyone already fixed this problem, or an idea what could be an elegant way t
>o solve it.

If instead of specializing view-click-event-handler you
specify a dialog-item-action function that handles the double clicks,
it won't be called when you click in the scroll bar.

If you really need to change the cursor, you'll need to write code
that special cases the scroll bar region (right 16 pixels of the view).