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MCL Team Update

I am pleased to announce that Alice Hartley and Steve Hain have joined
Digitool, and now, along with Gary Byers, constitute its core MCL
development team.  Alice was MCL engineering manager at Apple for three
years starting 1990 and oversaw the release of versions 2.x and the work on
what Digitool will be completing and releasing as MCL 3.0 for 680x0 Macs.
Alice also previously worked at Palladian and BBN.

Steve was one of the three founders of Coral Software and a contributor to
Coral's Common Lisp implementation that became MCL with Apple's acquisition
of Coral Software.  Steve is also the principal author of Object Logo,
another Coral product now owned by Paradigm Software.  After Coral, Steve
consulted for Gold Hill, for ILA on its MCL implementation of CLIM 1.0, and
for DEC.  Most recently Steve was a member of the core engineering staff at

Along with working on MCL 3.0, Alice and Steve will field tech support
questions addressed to info-mcl and bug-mcl.

Digitool would like to take this opportunity to thank our Apple
counterparts, particularly Bill St. Clair, Kalman Reti and Steve
Strassmann, for keeping up the MCL tech support during the transition
period.  We hope they will continue to listen in and contribute their


Hazem Sayed

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