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Re: MCL and Apps

   In article <4AF1A26102@urz-mail.urz.uni-heidelberg.de>,
   TWEBER@urz-mail.urz.uni-heidelberg.de (thorsten weber) wrote:

   > Hello,
   > as Common Lisp-programmer with about three years of experience and 
   > now as new-comer on the Mac, I've got two simple (maybe stupid) 
   > questions about Apple's implementation of Common Lisp, the so-called 
   > MCL: 
   > First, could I build standalones using MCL and, if yes, how big, 
   > fast, ... are these executables ?

   Yes you can write stand alone, double clickable applications in MCL. 

   They are big. For example, a simple application with one menu that creates
   a window and quits is 1.6Mb.

This may seem big, but it is small compared to other MAC applications such
as FOXPRO, EXCEL, Powerpoint, and Word.
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