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Re: MCL and Apps

In article <geek-1512941222020001@gray.covis.nwu.edu> geek@nwu.edu (Joey Gray) writes:
   In article <KANDERSO.94Dec15113718@bitburg.bbn.com>,
   kanderso@bitburg.bbn.com (Ken Anderson) wrote:

   >    Yes you can write stand alone, double clickable applications in MCL. 
   >    They are big. For example, a simple application with one menu that creates
   >    a window and quits is 1.6Mb.
   > This may seem big, but it is small compared to other MAC applications such
   > as FOXPRO, EXCEL, Powerpoint, and Word.

   ok, so you're saying that the Evil Empire can write huge applications that
   are functionally equivalent to a MCL application with a single menu and

I did not mean to imply that i thought this situation was great.  It would
certainly be nice to make smaller applications, though i am impressed at
how small MCL is compared to other current Lisps.

   ...umm, i guess i'm having a hard time arguing with this... ;-)

   seriously, though, our MCL application, which is not nearly as complicated
   as say FoxPro, is just over 4M! and that's just the application!

You have to be careful making such comparisons.  For example, it seems to
me that MCL and Foxpro are roughly comparable in size and capabilities
since both have:

1. windows
2. editors
3. interpreter/compilers/GC
4. interface builder

Of course, we shouldn't spend too much time comparing MCL to Foxpro.

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