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Re: MCL and Apps

In article <KANDERSO.94Dec20112937@bitburg.bbn.com>,
kanderso@bitburg.bbn.com (Ken Anderson) wrote:

> In article <geek-1512941222020001@gray.covis.nwu.edu> geek@nwu.edu (Joey
Gray) writes:
>    seriously, though, our MCL application, which is not nearly as complicated
>    as say FoxPro, is just over 4M! and that's just the application!
> You have to be careful making such comparisons.  For example, it seems to
> me that MCL and Foxpro are roughly comparable in size and capabilities
> since both have:
> 1. windows
> 2. editors
> 3. interpreter/compilers/GC
> 4. interface builder
>    ...

first of all, i think it would be safe to assume that somewhere over 90%
of all macintosh applications have windows. does that mean they are all
roughly the same level of complexity? certainly not. having windows
indicates nothing in regards to complexity/size/capabilities.

editors? i'm not sure what you mean by this. (here is where i will admit i
know next to nothing about foxpro) okay, so they both have editors. in our
application user's never see fred windows or listeners - we hope ;-). the
interpreter/compiler is stripped out of our application because of the
funky licensing agreements. and i never load the interface builder. but i

okay, let me explain what i originally meant. our application is not
supposed to be an extension of MCL, it's supposed to be it's own
application that just happens to be built with MCL. foxpro is a database
application. as such it has all sorts of database "stuff" in it that i
have no doubt is certainly more complex than *anything* in our

i guess i just objected to the claim that MCL applications were small
compared to other macintosh applications. i think that when comparing
roughly equally complex and/or capable applications, the MCL-based
application will be significantly larger.

> Of course, we shouldn't spend too much time comparing MCL to Foxpro.


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