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Re: latest version of mcl?

At  6:43 PM 12/19/94 -0800, Mike Harm wrote:
>Sorry to ask such a basic question, but I need to know
>what is the latest version of MCL?
>also, any news on powermac versions of mcl, or *any*
>lisp, for that matter?

The latest version is 2.0.1.  If you have 2.0 you can upgrade for $25 from
APDA (item number R0561LL/A).

We are working on a PowerPC version of MCL slated for late next year.  I'll
send you directly some of the news that you may have missed.

Thank you for your interest in MCL.

Hazem Sayed

Digitool, Inc.
                          675 Massachusetts Avenue   Cambridge, MA 02139   USA
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                                         Tel: 617 441-5000   Fax: 617 576-7680