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upload of mini card

I send the file mini-card 1.0.sit to ftp.cambridge.apple.com.
>From the Read me:
Mini card 1.0
This files contains a small imitation of HyperCard in MCL 2.0.1, a
paint-window class is defined, this creates a windoid with a palette of
tools, such as brush, marquee, lasso, pencil, etc...

The tools are implemented also as objects, each object redefines the
methods needed from the base class.  Also are implemented a button and
field tool, wich creates/edit (using the IFT routines) buttons, icons,
sicn, pop-up menus and editable/static fields.

The window can save/load in a black&white TIFF file, normally with Packbits
compression, a extra "tag" is used for saving the lisp source.

Sorry, no color or fat bits in this version.

Enjoy !
Javier Diaz