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>I'm running MCL 2.0.1 (patches obtained from cambridge.apple.com). Does
>this version run error free on the PPC or are there other patches required?
>In the version I'm running there seems to be an error with -sort-
	   >(setf q '(4 3 5 1 6))
		   (4 3 5 1 6)
	   >(sort q #'<)
		   (1 2 3 4 5 6)
		   (5 6)

No, this is the way it's supposed to work --- SORT destructively
modifies its argument, and it is used for its result.  If you want
q to be bound to the sorted list, you need to do something like:
     (setf q (sort q #'<))

Notice that since SORT is a function not a macro, it would be
difficult for it to have the effect you were expecting.  q gets
evaluated before SORT even "sees it", and so the function is
applied to the list that q was bound to, not the symbol q


Tim Converse  U. of Chicago CS Dept.  converse@cs.uchicago.edu  (312) 702-8584