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MCL2.0.1 + PPC

I just loaded MCL 2.0.1 onto my PowerMac 6100/60/Sys 7.5. I am aware that it is supposed to be incompatible with virtual memory (for which there is a hack) and the Modern Memory Manager (which should be turned off).  But here's the thing... MCL seems to work just fine on my machine with the Memory Manager LEFT ON (I have not installed the VM hack because I'm using RamDoubler).  Is there a more subtle problem with the Memory Manager that I should be aware of? Is it possible that the Memory Manager is just not working properly (ie. NEVER on, even when selected in the memory control panel), and if so is there a way I could check to see if it is working properly? I would appreciate any information anyone might have.  Thank you.

D. Shiller
McGill University