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re: application sizes

I mailed this once to info-mcl@digitool.com and I'm not sure if it
made it to the list.  if it reached you, sorry for the duplicate, I'm
re'posting it because it didn't reach me.


About a year ago there was some discussion of the application sizes
built by mcl.  at the time, the consensus appeared to be that a shared
library for lisp applications installed somewhere in the system working
in conjunction with .fasl like applications would be the best option
for minimizing the size of lisp applications.  Now with the advent
of the powerpc and the new Apple Shared Library Manager I was wondering
if digitool was looking at this sort of thing as a viable option
for future planning?  it looks like the solution we were all talking
about in the past, and I hope this gets some consideration.
just one, ever concerned about sales and marketing, programmer's point of view!
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