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jobs (inc. MCL programming) at Bellcore

			 Positions Available in Applied Research at Bellcore

The Computer Graphics and Interactive Media group within the Applied
Research Area of Bell Communications Research (Bellcore) has up to
three full-time programming positions available for terms of from 1 to
2 years.

If you believe you fit the descriptions of any of the positions below,
please send a resume (ascii-preferred or postscript) and any helpful
supporting materials to:


(Please do not send email to the originator of this message if shown
as different from sagres@bellcore.com.)  It will likely take us at
least a month to sort through all the resumes, so please be patient.


* The first position involves converting a research prototype into a
product-quality piece of software.  The application involves
management and visualization of workflow information and makes novel
use of graphical parsing methods.  The work is in Macintosh Common
Lisp, and requires lisp and Macintosh toolkit experience.  Experience
with http and html is a plus. We are looking for someone who can work
independently and can take on some of the interface design work along
with the implementation.  Flexible arrangements w.r.t. relocation are

* The second position requires the skills of a mutifaceted software
magician.  We have a system that is suffering growing pains. It
originally was written in Emacs lisp (elisp) with side help from
commonlisp, and some C and C++ programs.  Parts of it have been
rewritten, but more help is needed. Your job will be to rationalize
the code, and build new features. This is a very exciting piece of
software (hint: useful skills include TCP/IP and HTTP and protocol
hacking). Experience on Silicon Graphics machines, and Unix is

* The last positon requires graphics and interface skills. This work will
be on Silicon Graphics, and requires knowledge of OpenGl, and Inventor.
You will be supporting researchers trying to find new paradigms for 
user interfaces. Experience with interface design is a plus. This work
will be in C, C++ and probably some variant lisp as well.

In the past, positions like these were filled students who had
finished their Bachelors or Masters degrees, looking for a couple of
years employment in a world class advanced R&D laboratory before going
back for their Ph.D. The candidates we are looking for are smart,
independent, and highly capable as programmers, preferably having
completed significant projects.

The real job description for all of these positions is to help us get
the work done. They will involve an eclectic and creative mix of
talents.  Our lab is an exciting, collaborative place, where people
pitch in, so there are many opportunities to do exciting things.


Bellcore is the $1B/yr telecommunications research and development
consortium owned by the seven regional phone companies.  It is a piece
of the old Bell Telephone Laboratories, split off at AT&T divestiture
in 1984.  Our group is in the Applied Research area, which comprises about
10% of the company, where the mission is to do strategic research and
visionary development to support the national information and
telecommunication future that is so important to our owners.
We do a range of world class work here, from prototype development to
producing papers for conferences, and generally getting science into
Bellcore's next generation software and telecommunications products.

The WWW home page for our group is http://community.bellcore.com.  It
is, as always, under construction but it may give you some idea of
the interests of the people in our research group.

Our particular Bellcore facility is located in Morristown, the county
seat of Morris, a relatively rural, old, affluent county in Northern
New Jersey.  We are about an hour due west by car or train from
Manhattan.  About ten minutes away are a National Wildlife Sanctuary
and a National Historical Park.  Just across the street is a riding
stable and a park; down the road are, among others, Northern Italian,
Mongolian, Afghani and Indian restauraunts (not to mention the pizza
parlors :-).

Bellcore is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and
especially encourages applications from minorities, women and
physically handicapped individuals.