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   In response to recent interest in this hack, I am posting a BinHexed copy of it to the group.  Because it is unsupported (and seemingly anonymous), I assume that I am not breaking any license agreement by doing so.  Have Fun!

The following is the README file that accompanies the hack:

  What this is
  The enclosed file fixes a problem which caused any version of MCL to
  crash immediately upon startup on a PowerMac when VM was turned on.

  The attached file (MMU5-for-PowerMac.hqx) is a binhex-encoded file
  which contains a single resource of type MMU5.

  How to install
  First decode this binhex file into MMU5-for-PowerMac, a ResEdit
  resource file.  Then paste the MMU5 resource into your MCL image using
  ResEdit (or some other similar tool).

  This resource is compatible with all versions of MCL 2.0.  If you
  aren't using VM on a PowerMac, this patch isn't necessary but also
  doesn't hurt.

  Other notes
  There are still problems with MCL if you use the modern memory
  manager; I'm working on tracking these down, and will develop a patch
  when I do.  So for the interim, be sure to turn off the modern memory
  manager in the Memory control panel.

D. Shiller
McGill University