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Re: VM hack for PPC - READ ME FIRST

At  4:40 1/4/95 +0000, Douglas Shiller wrote:
>   In response to recent interest in this hack, I am posting a BinHexed copy of it to the group.  Because it is unsupported (and seemingly anonymous), I assume that I am not breaking any license agreement by doing so.  Have Fun!

It is neither anonymous nor unsupported.  It is also available from ftp.cambridge.apple.com
under the /pub/mcl/patches/MMU5-for-PowerMac/ directory.

>The following is the README file that accompanies the hack:
>  What this is
>  The enclosed file fixes a problem which caused any version of MCL to
>  crash immediately upon startup on a PowerMac when VM was turned on.
>  The attached file (MMU5-for-PowerMac.hqx) is a binhex-encoded file
>  which contains a single resource of type MMU5.
>  How to install
>  First decode this binhex file into MMU5-for-PowerMac, a ResEdit
>  resource file.  Then paste the MMU5 resource into your MCL image using
>  ResEdit (or some other similar tool).
>  Compatibility
>  This resource is compatible with all versions of MCL 2.0.  If you
>  aren't using VM on a PowerMac, this patch isn't necessary but also
>  doesn't hurt.
>  Other notes
>  There are still problems with MCL if you use the modern memory
>  manager; I'm working on tracking these down, and will develop a patch
>  when I do.  So for the interim, be sure to turn off the modern memory
>  manager in the Memory control panel.
>D. Shiller
>McGill University