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Position available

Product development position available at Inference Corporation

Inference has developed the premier expert system tools (the ART
family) and has extended these (in ART*Enterprise) to more general
application-building by the addition of external database integration,
unstructured document retrieval and indexing, and graphical user
interface tools and builder to the existing object system, data-driven
rule engine and case-based reasoning modules.  The product allows
integration of external data, documents, and policies as needed to
model, reason about and solve real-world problems.

We're looking for a person experienced in constructing significant
object-oriented software on Windows and possibly Unix platforms.  Some
C++ experience required, other object-oriented languages (e.g. CLOS,
ART or ARTScript) a plus, as significant parts of our software is
written in our own dynamic object-oriented language, ARTScript.  Other
experience in the areas of Windows and Unix (X11 and Motif) GUIs and
development environments, relational and object databases,
client/server networking, OLE2 and/or CORBA, and information retrieval
techniques will be helpful to our talented development team that is
steadily enhancing this product.

Salary commensurate with experience and abilities.  Standard benefits

Please send resumes and salary history by US mail or fax to:

Jeff Greif
Principal Computer Scientist
Inference Corporation
550 N. Continental Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90254-5052
Fax: 310-322-3242

or in plaintext or PostScript form via electronic mail to apply@inference.com.

Recruiting and placement agencies must negotiate an agreement with
Inference before resumes they submit can be considered.  Please

Jeanette Bergmann (bergmann@inference.com)
Human Resources, Inference Corp.
fax: 310-322-3242