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CLASP demo application

I have placed a demo version of the Common Lisp Analytical Statistics Package
(CLASP) application in /pub/mcl/contrib/ directory at ftp.cambridge.apple.com.
The file is CLASP-demo.sea.hqx and is about 2MB.

There is also a web page for CLASP at http://eksl-www.cs.umass.edu/clasp.html.

>From the web page:

"CLASP provides an interactive environment for data
manipulation and statistical analysis that is integrated with Common
Lisp. CLASP has all the descriptive and hypothesis-testing statistics one
expects of a moderately powerful statistics package, plus it includes many
features that facilitate exploratory data analysis."

If you want more information send mail to clasp-support@cs.umass.edu.

David L. Westbrook
UMass Amherst