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## S-COM adds MIDI playback & workshops in USA ##

Symbolic Composer NewsFlash (MCL application)

AMSTERDAM - Symbolic Composer Pro now outputs MIDI. It uses MIDI 
Real-Time  Multi-Task System developed by Grame Research Center 
in Lyon, France. The resolution is 2000 ticks per whole note, and 
MIDI playback runs on the backround while SCOM compiles new material. 

MIDI playback is provided as extension module. After score compilation 
a MIDI window pops up with play/pause/loop buttons. MidiShare brings 
also MIDI input and realtime interactive capabilities to Symbolic 
Composer. MidiShare is a development of 6 years and is superior to 
MIDI Manager. It can run side by side with MIDI Manager and OMS

For more information on S-COM surf into Fractal Music pages in:


and select Symbolic Composer link.

Other recent additions include 300 alternate tunings collected by 
Manuel Op de Coul from Netherlands. New tunings can be defined online 
with frequency relations or cents, or using S-COM algorithm library. 
n-TET octaves are generated by a specific function. Tunings work 
transparently with any decent sound module.

S-COM also has adapted Performance Fields, originally developed
by Mazzola and Zahorka in University of Zuerich, Switzerland in
Rubato music workstation project for the Next computer. PFs are
one of the most powerful abstactions for handling interrelated 
musical parameter spaces.

Besides these additions S-COM provides a complete object-oriented 
composition language that allows the most detailed description of 
music in micro and macrolevels. Section stuctures follow section 
tree definitions with full inheritation of musical properties.
SCOM now also includes Motives & Methods based on developments 
by Andre Ch. Schnoor, Hamburg, Germany.

Those interested in mathematics are likely to enjoy the link
between S-COM and Mathematica, currently under development by
Clinton R Lefort, Lousiana, USA. This interface allows to call 
Mathematica's powerful mathematic functions within S-COM, and use 
then to further extend the musical capabilities of S-COM.

Suggested configuration: System 7, minimum of 8 MB RAM expanded
to 13-16 MB virtual memory and 68030/40 Mac. PowerPC native version 
will be available later this year.

S-COM workshops in USA are under preparation during April. If your
university would like to arrange a workshop contact Nigel Morgan 
(York, UK) <100024.1636@compuserve.com> for further details. Nigel 
Morgan is the author of NM PowerPack, a collection of dynamic, rhythm
and variation extension for the S-COM Pro.

"After a whole year of hard work with S-COM I have reached a certain 
practice which makes me to feel at ease with it. I must confess that 
I am still surprised by the new possibilities which I discover everyday 
and the extraordinary environment it offers to experiment with music" 
Composer Miquel Gaspa-Bertran, Barcelona, Spain.

Peter Stone