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Speech-Manager.lisp contributed code

   Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 14:37:24 -0600
   From: allender@ils.nwu.edu (Laura Allender)

   You need to put the MCL library and interface files under your MCL folder
   so that when the speech-manager searches for traps it can find the
   traps.idx file.
   These files probably came with your MCL image. 

Thanks for the response.  Currently, my MCL folder has within it the
library folder, which contains the interfaces folder, which contains the
index folder, which contains traps.idx (and the other index files).

I believe this is the correct configuration, because

  (probe-file "ccl:interfaces;index;traps.idx")

wins.  (In fact, looking at that file, it contains all kinds of
plausible-looking trap entries.  The file does not contain the string
"SPEECH", however.)

-- Bob