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graphic version of Common Music

The latest cm.sea.bin on ccrma-ftp.stanford.edu and ftp.zkm.de contains
a new and completely graphical version of Common Music for the
Macintosh under MCL 2.0.1.  The graphical interface,
called Capella, is designed to completely replace the
existing command interpreter, but the two can actually be
run in parallel.  To learn about the interface, just build
the system as usual, then look under Help in the main Stella
menu.  Choosing Load Tutorial from the help menu should get you
started.  Here is the About text that comes with the system:
Capella is a new graphical interface for Common Music.  People 
familiar with the system should find Capella to be much faster, 
easier and clearer than using the old command line interpreter.
Someone new to algorithmic composition in Common Music should
find their learning curve substantially reduced.  Capella 
currently runs on the Macintosh under MCL 2.0.1. The eventual
aim is to support several window systems using at least one
public domain Lisp.  The first candidate is probably CMUCL
using X11 on the SGI. 

Capella is developed by two people, Rick Taube (hkt@zkm.de) and
Tobias Kunze (tkunze@ccrma.stanford.edu).  This is the first
release; don't use it if you are a nervous soul or expect bug
free code. We would be happy to receive your bug reports,
criticisms and ideas. 
	Rick Taube
	Zentrum fuer Kunst u. Medientechnologie
	Karlsruhe, Deutschland