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Incompatibility with MachTen.

There seems to be an incompatibility between MachTen professional and MCL.

MCL freezes the machine on launch. I would expect that there is a VM
problem since MCL uses the MMU for garbage collection, and MachTen uses it
to reimplement the Macintosh's virtual memory scheme (you get VM with a
swap file that only exists/grows when needed).  I told the people at Tenon
about my suspicion and they responded:

>Yes, that's possible.  However, any attempt by another program to mess with
>the virtual memory hardware while MachTen professional is running will
>probably fail fatally.  We had similar trouble with Quasar's SmallTalk
>Agents, but we fixed their problem shortly after receiving a copy of their

Anyone at Digitool want to send them a copy to work on?  :>