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Wood pb replacing objects in btree

I have implemented an interface in my program with allow user to manage the
wood database. The database is implemented in respecting the person
example, using the btree configuration. 
My program is in two step :
- storing new neural objets from memory to disk through a hash-table in
memory. No problem to store such neural objects.
- at the time I store these new neural objets, I store the information
attached to these objets in memory in the hash-table I already mentioned.
This place is an Information object which has the same inheritance than the
neural objects, but with one slot which contains a hash-table storing
itself the information.
When I quit the program, I store the information object in the disk database. 

The first time, I quit the program and MCL. Then I open the database,
everything is OK and works fine. I then repeat the same action as mentioned
before, adding new objects, modifying the Information object. I save by
hand the information object which is suppose to replace the already created
Information object in the database. When I test, everything is OK. Then I
quit completly, I reload, and nothing seemed to be registered in the

I did many tests these last weeks, and every time the same behavior happens.

What could be wrong ? I use the regular calls to the database
(wood:p-btree-lookup x x) within a setf. I even implemented a version where
I delete first, but with no change.

Any help would be greatl appreciated, because that's now more than 4 weeks
that I turn around with my code.



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