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Re: powerPC MCL?

At 4:34 PM 1/27/95, Garett O. Dworman wrote:
 >I have heard a rumour that MCL will not be upgraded to the powerPC
 >platform.  Instead Apple was going to concentrate on Dylan.  Can anyone
 >shed some light on this rumour?  Is it true/false?    If false, then when
 >is the powerpc MCL due out?  If true, I think this would be a shame.  I
 >find MCL to be one of the best Lisp platforms I've used outside a lisp
 >Please respond to my email if possible.

This is false, MCL will be upgraded to PowerPC.

It's also true that Apple will concentrate on Dylan - instead, Apple has
licensed all future MCL development to a company called Digitool. They're
working very hard on all sorts of good things for MCL, and we're very
pleased that MCL has a warm and caring home. Your continued support for
MCL will be most appreciated.

For more info and the press releases, check out the MCL web pages at